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"Own a Commercial Cleaning Franchise"

The Parkway Janitorial Franchise Program provides to individual owner/operators an opportunity to own and operate an independent commercial cleaning business. 

A franchise owner can take advantage of the support and business system education that Parkway Janitorial offers and the Region’s ability to secure quality commercial cleaning customers.  The franchise owner can get started with a low initial investment and the opportunity to build a significant janitorial business.

We’re There Every Step of the Way!

As a Parkway Janitorial franchise owner, you will receive the most extensive support available to launch your business successfully:

  • The license to use the Parkway Janitorial & Supply trademark and franchise system.
  • Comprehensive training in marketing, contract negotiations, sales, cleaning techniques, equipment usage, quality control, customer relations, waste removal, recycling, emergency service and accounting.
  • Use of proprietary computer software and management systems.
  • On-going consultation and industry updates.
  • Continuous support in marketing, advertising and operations.

With the direct help and supervision of our Regional offices, you as a franchise owner will create a “duplicate” of the Parkway Janitorial cleaning system.  This knowledge will enable you to perform all critical staff and business functions to professionally and profitably run your business.

Get Your Franchise Up and Running Today!

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